Audio Evacuation

A complete audio evacuation system should allow the assigned user not only to reproduce pre-recorded messages in emergency situations, but also the possibility of giving specific instructions to the staff, if necessary.
To meet these requirements we created what we call a "Programmable Emergency Center" or "PEC". The "PEC" is a device that allows recording up to "3" independent messages with a maximum duration of 20 seconds each. The messages can be sent either locally, from the front of the device, or remotely, using an external push button. A safety mechanism prevents the accidental sending of the messages.
Another essential component of an Emergency Audio System is the microphone console. It can be used, if necessary, to make a last-minute change in the preset protocol. In addition, it can also be used on a daily basis as Audio Paging System.
Finally, the vast majority of our customers choose to use the acoustic player network also installed as Background Music System.
Now that we have the 3 sound sources completing the system (PEC, Consoles and Background Music) we must use a device that automatically selects the main priority input and sends it pre-amplified to an output we will connect to the power amplifiers . For this we used the GT-301 / 5X.

We present the complete list of devices that make up a Standard Evacuation Audio System:

Programmable Emergency Center (PEC).
Microphone console (s). (1, 2 and 6 zones).
GT-301 / 5X Automatic Router.
Power amplifiers.
Distribution lines and acoustic players.

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